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Think Globally, Act Locally!

Over the last 5 years, I have been encouraged as I work with educators, students, non-profit and community leaders, as well as variable professionals working across organizations….as EVERYONE is realizing that there are mutliple challenges on the economic, environmental and social stage that require ADAPTATION and new STRATEGIES.

I am seeing increasing need for every professional to become a bit more of an entrepreneur, whether they are currently employed or not.  Because the days of upwardly mobile job security within one company for the duration of a 30-year-career is pretty much over.  Every organization including government are necessarily considering ways to “innovate”, and ALL organizations are figuring out how to negotiate and navigage CHANGE.   Whatever stage of life, education, career, leadership or even “Encore” career you may be, it is helpful to understand the global framework and trends for constructive change and careers ahead!

Consider the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.  What goals do YOU care most about –locally — as well as globally?  Which goals do you think best represent your current organization, curriculum, program or project?  How may your unique talents or skills contribute to creating “sustainable solutions” in your local community and in turn build your own portfolio of “innovation”?  What are the best practices or examples you have seen of innovation in action related to these goals?

If you have a project in action you would like to let others know about, get in touch with us as we are preparing a new platform to celebrate your accomplishments and help market you!  Or if you have a project that you think may be a great learning situation for “next generation professionals” to gain skills that are relevant, we’d also like to know as we may be able to help you locate some great talent!