Leadership and Career Transitions Coaching  profcoach

Professional Consultants are trained and ready to help you achieve your personal and professional goals, to release your creative potential! Whatever stage of career development you are, your career coach will work with you flexibly, to customize your individualized profile, strategic action plan, and support you all the way!

Simply send us a note about your interests via the Contact, page and we’ll set up a complimentary call with a coach to get you started on your best future in 2020! We also offer Free First Friday – Coach Conference Calls each month at noon, so see our calendar for more details. 

CareerEcologia: Course, Webinars, Workshops, Networking Events

CareerEcologiaCloudGroup Coaching while working on your customized career plans can help build your network, and also reduce the costs of individualized coaching, to proactively achieve your goals. We offer a Collaborative Career Course that integrates principles of entrepreneurship for your career that is designed to motivate your proactive creative solutions building process with other colleagues and coach support.   We also can provide customized webinars on varied topics à la carte, or as a seminar series, depending on your interests.  With particular focus on changing issues in the global economy as well as DC-Metro region, we often host guest speakers who can provide you with contemporary tips for navigating the changing professional landscape in various functions, fields and organizations.  For a QUICK START the NEW CareerEcologia Workbook 2020 is available HERE! 

Next Generation Leadership Development   IMG_2556

We work with schools, employers, and associations to support our Next Generation of Leaders to achieve education and career goals, as they are key to our shared sustainable future! We support inquiry-directed temporary projects with a variety of organizations who benefit from the contribution of talented, interdisciplinary young professionals as they in turn grow their knowledge, skill and ability related to interests.   Students at various learning levels,  as well as career transitioners can take “theory to practice,”  while they build networks, and develop professional portfolio of accomplishments. We link projects to academic discipline focus to ensure each student achieves integrated learning and career benefits.  Companies can gain fresh insights, test potential talent for upcoming job opportunities, and serve as mentors.