Recent Projects

A Class in Sustainable Development Career Navigation

There are graduate level students who spend “HOURS” in a class to consider issues of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and the relationship to CAREER NAVIGATION…in a CHANGING WORLD.   This is a recording of a 1.5 hour CLASS, which we offer you free…with hope that it helps you THINK FORWARD!

CareerEcologia Course, Coaching, Community

Over the last year, we’ve been collaborating with partners to design and develop a curriculum for career transitioners with particular concern for issues of CHANGE — because every person must navigate their own change while also negotiating careers in a world of change!  Here is an introduction to our new workbook, that helps utilize a variety of online assessments to build your individual profile.  Hint…this is only the beginning of the process!  So many coaches we’ve met will offer an assessment for a fee and some interpretation but then what do you do?????  We’re offering this so you can check it out on your own and we can then work with you on your strategic action plan!  The full course opportunity is located at


TogethCareerEcologiaClouder with an interdisciplinary team of next generation leaders of a sustainable future we are working to develop a new public access, interdisciplinary career course, with coaching support and benefits of professional networks locally and globally.   We seek to bridge the gap between education & workforce needs for career transitioners across sectors and stages of career, and representing a variety of cultures, disciplines, all focused on questions of “sustainability”.  Our goal is to build our next generation talent pool, ready for hire!  The platform is under development but we would love to have you join us at CareerEcologia!

To check out the new online course go to: