If there is one essential principle that is vital to each one of my clients, it is to think forward!  As human beings we continually growing, changing, learning throughout our lifetimes, while we must simultaneously navigate in a changing society. 

Of course our daily reality is just plain busy and it can take every ounce of energy just to juggle the responsibilities to deal with putting food on the table, getting the laundry done, caring for family members while also performing on the job (or in school) and transiting back and forth. If something breaks down – including health – there is domino effect and “OMG” we surely have to breathe deep –and hope we either have some savings, a good friend, or hotline to heaven!

There will always be what I call “predictable unpredictables”.

That is,

S*!& happens, 

when you may least expect it!

Our 1930’s generation who lived through depression era understood the wisdom of “saving for a rainy day”.  And given medical progress, people are living longer so we have more days ahead to consider!   We can certainly choose to just take one day at a time…and respond to issues as they come; but my observation is that this can often result in something like the slow boiling frog syndrome.

So…consider a more proactive approach! lincolnquote

At least once a day, take a breathing break from all the frenetic activity that merely maintains the status quo, and ask yourself:

What do I WANT in my life/ world/ for my family? 

What are likely passages in life that I will experience over the next 10 years?

What are the trends in society now and how may this impact me/us in those 10 years?

What are the resources I now have that help me to succeed?

What are the resources available that I may not have explored? 

Who are friends, advisors, teachers, coaches that may offer support during a “rainy day” or better yet, may help me prepare for my “sustainable future”??

What action will you take to be a change agent in your life? 

Who else may also benefit from you becoming the best YOU possible?

When will you begin…

How may a personal coach support you to achieve new goals…?

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